In The Swirl: A Group Poetry Reading

Clockwise from top left: Will Barnes, Mike Burwell, Tina Carlson, Lise Goette, Kate O’Neill, Dale Kushner

A Celebration of an Online Poetry Community

Since March 2020, cohorts of poets from Vancouver to Dubai and Katmandu has been convening and corresponding and exchanging poems by e-mail through generative marathons coordinated by Taos poet-editor, Lise Goett. Six alums out of the more than 100 participants in this online community will read a sampling of the work they have generated under the aegis of these generative workshops. The six poets are Will Barnes, Mike Burwell, Tina Carlson, Dale M. Kushner, Kate O’Neill, and Lise Goett.

WHEN: Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. MT

COST: Free to the Public – Donations Appreciated


Will Barnes is a botanist and ecologist and works for the New Mexico State Land Office. His first collection The Ledgerbook was published by 3: A Taos Press in 2016. He also received the 2022 Hilary Gravendyk Prize from Inlandia Books for the artemisia, forthcoming in 2024. His recent work has been published in Bangalore, Comstock, Crab Creek, Ilanot, Mudfish, Oberon, Ocotillo and Sixfold Reviews. He lives in Santa Fe.

Mike Burwell’s poems have appeared in Abiko Quarterly, Alaska Quarterly Review, Ice-Floe, Pacific Review, Poems & Plays, and Sin Fronteras. His poetry collection Cartography of Water was published by North Shore Press in 2007, and in 2009 he founded the Northwest literary journal Cirque—now in its 25th issue ( He’s been a Taos resident since 2013 where he finally found home among the wild landscape and its wildly generous poets. His new manuscript Kairos is currently making the contest rounds.

Tina Carlson has published two previous collections of poems: Ground, Wind, This Body (UNM Press, 2017) and, in collaboration with two other NM poets, We Are Meant To Carry Water (3: A Taos Press, 2019) Her third collection, A Guide To Tongue Tie Surgery is forthcoming in fall 2023 from UNM Press. She won second place in Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts 2020 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest.

Dale M. Kushner is a novelist, poet, and essayist. Her debut novel, The Conditions of Love, published by Grand Central, was nominated for the Texas Library Association Award for Outstanding Adult Fiction. Her study of Jungian psychology and dreamwork informs Transcending the Past her popular monthly online column for Psychology Today. M is Ms. Kushner’s new collection of poetry. Please visit her at website and on Facebook and Instagram.

Kate O’Neill lives in Northern New Mexico where she writes poetry and runs a small press called Dreaming Dog Books. Her first chapbook Emulsifying Fires: Ansel Adams in New Mexico was issued in June 2022 by Dreaming Dog. Her work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Pangolin Review, Taos International Journal of Poetry and the Arts, International Journal of War, Literature and the Arts and several anthologies. She is working on a collection of poems centered on all things Irish.

Moderator Lise Goett’s third collection The Radiant is forthcoming from Tupelo Press in 2025. In addition to moderating generative poetry marathons, she edits manuscripts, 23 of which have found their way into publication. Her awards include The Paris Review Discovery Award, The Pen Southwest Book Award in Poetry, and a grant from NM Writers among others, and her work has appeared in such journals as Ploughshares, The Antioch Review, and Lana Turner. She resides in Taos, New Mexico.

Reading and Conversation with Dale M. Kushner

Join us for coffee and a conversation with Dale M. Kushner about her new poetry collection, M, at Write On, Door County on Saturday, September 24 at 10 AM. This event is free but registration is required as space is limited. You can register here.

Dale M. Kushner’s new collection M testifies to the heroic dimensions of women’s lives. The urgent voices in these poems, including Mary Magdalene, Eve, the Virgin Mary, and women experiencing violence across centuries and continents, are bearers of the sacred into the profane world of history–of men and war. Addressing both personal and collective struggles through a series of dramatic monologues, the speakers explore both radical and tender moments that break through the myths perpetuated in the name of the feminine. Ultimately, these poems become an enduring map of how resilience is forged from suffering and how desire, loss, and struggle are the spiritual path to transformation.

Dale M. Kushner is a poet, essayist, novelist, and a longtime investigator of the intersection between the collective value of literature, archetypal psychology, and spirituality. In addition, she writes a monthly blog for the Pyschology Today website, “Transcending the Past.” Her debut novel, The Conditions of Love, was published by Grand Central in 2013. Her essay, “In Extremis: Jung’s Descent into the Language of Self,” is included in Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul Under Postmodern Conditions, Vol 4. Dale lives with her husband Burt in Madison, Wisconsin. She has just completed her second novel, The Lost Mother Archive, which explores how the unspoken intergenerational traumas of the past shape our lives.

JUNE WATERSHED READING: Marilyn L. Taylor, Jess Parker, Dale Kushner

Join us on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 7 PM CDT at Arts + Literature Laboratory to hear three poets read in person from their new books! Former Wisconsin Poet Laureate Marilyn L. Taylor will be reading from Outside the Frame: New and Selected Poems (Kelsay Books); Jess Parker will read from her debut poetry collection Star Things, which won the Dynamo Verlag Book Prize; and Dale Kushner (the author, not the hockey player) will read from her brand-new poetry collection M. The event is free but donations are encouraged. More about the event.

Marilyn L. Taylor, Ph.D., is a former Poet Laureate of the state of Wisconsin and the city of Milwaukee. She taught poetry for the Honors College at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for fifteen years, and is the author of eight poetry collections. Taylor’s poems and essays have also appeared in Poetry, Able Muse, Measure, Light, Raintown Review, and Rhino, among many other well-known journals and anthologies. She was awarded the Margaret Reid Poetry Prize for verse in forms, and has been a finalist for the X.J. Kennedy Parody Contest, the Howard Nemerov Sonnet award, and the 2017 Lascaux Review prize. She teaches regularly at Lawrence University’s Bjorklunden Seminar Center and elsewhere, and serves as a Contributing Editor for two poetry journals (Verse-Virtual and Third Wednesday). Her newest book, titled Outside the Frame: New and Selected Poems, was published by Kelsay Books in December, 2021 and is available for purchase on Amazon or directly from Marilyn at her email address:

Jess L Parker is a poet and strategist. Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jess lives in Madison, WI with her husband and son. Her debut poetry collection, Star Things was released in October 2021 as winner of the Dynamo Verlag Book Prize. Jess’s work has appeared in Bramble, Ariel Anthology, Kosmos, Millwork, Wallop Zine, and elsewhere. Jess holds a B.A. of English and Spanish from Northern Michigan University, an M.A. of Spanish Literature from UW-Madison, and an MBA from Concordia University. Stay in touch with Jess’ poetry and events on Instagram at @jessleapoetry.

Dale M. Kushner is a poet, essayist, and novelist deeply engaged at the intersection of personal and historic trauma and views the search for spirit as foundational to the creative process. Her study of Jungian psychology informs Transcending the Past her popular monthly online column for Psychology Today. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, received a Wisconsin Arts Board Grant and has been honored by fellowships to the Wurlitzer Foundation, The Ragdale Foundation, and the Fetzer Institute. Her novel, The Conditions of Love, published by Grand Central, was nominated for the Texas Library Association Award for Outstanding Adult Fiction. Kushner’s widely regarded writings on the divine feminine, creativity, and intergenerational trauma are published in anthologies and collected works. She teaches workshops that reflect her scholarship in Buddhism, depth psychology, spirituality, and creative writing. She recently completed her second novel. M is Ms. Kushner’s new collection of poetry.

Poetry Night feat. Dale M. Kushner & Carrie Voigt Schonhoff

You can now listen to the reading Dale did from M, her new book of poems, at Leopold’s on July 11, 2022. See link below.
Join us for a book signing, poetry reading, and meet & greet with local poets Carrie Voigt Schonhoff and Dale M. Kushner on July 11, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM PDT  6:00 PM CDT  7:00 PM EDT
Both poets will have books of poetry available for sale. Come connect with the local poetry community!
CARRIE VOIGT SCHONHOFF, poet and author of The Liminal Space, has released her second published book of poems, The End of the Beginning. Schonhoff once again captures the spirit of her native Wisconsin while encapsulating the growth of her life’s journey and exciting next chapter. This work will resonate deeply with readers from the Midwest and pull at the heartstrings of those that continue to face challenges but never stop dreaming. Her second book of poems addresses the importance of healing, moving on, and being ready to face a new beginning. Schonhoff’s newest work is a continuation of beliefs that we can heal by connecting and understanding one another on a deeper level through poetry.
DALE M KUSHNER is a novelist, poet, and essayist driven to understand what makes us human. What are the raw and tender stories that shape our lives? Her work wrestles with the “twin spectaculars” of love and loss. Her work draws on the writings of Carl Jung, myths, fairy tales, Buddhist practice, neuroscience, epigenetics, the hidden life of plants and animals, mystery and magic. Her book of poetry, “M”, testifies to the heroic dimensions of women’s lives. The urgent voices in these poems, including Mary Magdalene, Eve, the Virgin Mary, and women experiencing violence across centuries and continents, are bearers of the sacred into the profane world of history—of men and war.