Dale M KushnerDALE M KUSHNER is a novelist, poet, and essayist driven to understand what makes us human. What are the raw and tender stories that shape our lives? Her work wrestles with the “twin spectaculars” of love and loss. Her work draws on the writings of Carl Jung, myths, fairy tales, Buddhist practice, neuroscience, epigenetics, the hidden life of plants and animals, mystery and magic.

She has special interest in mother/daughter relationships, intergenerational trauma, family secrets and resilience, dream analysis, and the impact of history and memory on our personal lives, writing about those themes each month on her blog “Transcending the Past” on Psychology Today.


Dale’s first novel, THE CONDITIONS OF LOVE, was published by Grand Central. She has recently completed her second novel with the working title The Lost Mother Archive.


“Can this wise, funny, quirky, poignant novel really be Dale Kushner’s debut? She got everything just right—characters who you will never forget and a palpable yearning for love that you will feel in your gut. Bravo!”

Ann Hood, author of An Italian Wife, The Obituary Writer, and Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine

“An immaculately written, enthralling, and passionate debut.”

Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy, Eva Moves the Furniture, and The Boy in the Field

You can order it now at Indiebound, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.


Dale M. Kushner’s debut collection of poetry, M, has just been published by 3: A Taos Press.

M Dale Kushner’s debut collection of poetry


M testifies to the heroic dimensions of women’s lives.  The urgent voices in these poems, including Mary Magdalene, Eve, the Virgin Mary, and women experiencing violence across centuries and continents, are bearers of the sacred into the profane world of history—of men and war.

“M takes us on a journey through realms of soul on the paths of desire, sorrow, and transformation. It is a strong distillation of the poet’s passionate engagement with fate and destiny and a fine distillation of Dale Kushner’s passionate dedication to the deep mysteries of love in all times and places. Be brave—drink, and savor! The poems will take your breath away!”

Murray Stein, Jung’s Map of the Soul

“M by Dale Kushner is a stunning collection of poems depicting life’s journey in three stages.  The roads of sorrow and suffering, the paths of transformation toward spiritual joy and desire, and the longing to know and feel all that is holy are contained in Kushner’s work.”—Laurie Kuntz, on The RavensPerch

You can order it now at 3: A Taos Press, A Room of One’s Own, Mystery to Me, or Amazon.

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